Automated Registry, Workflow, E-archive & Document Management System

We can simplify everyday life for most organizations by creating an effective task management system that can handle all incoming documents. We will help you to scan and digitize all incoming mail so that you can work on all tasks in digital format in our workflow system and store all documents digitally in our E-archive. With our automated registry, you can get full control over all incoming tasks from start to finish. We will help you to get better control over your documents as well as all other incoming tasks, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, we will help you to streamline your work, which in turn leads to noticeable cost savings.

We can deliver an end to end system or provide modules to complement the system you have in place. We work primarily cloud-based and have agile solutions that we can tailor specifically to your organization’s needs. We can help to create your document management plan, which is guaranteed to make you more successful and at the same time reduce your costs. The best part is that our solutions can be implemented in a short period of time, at reasonable costs without months of consulting hours.


Our document management system is adaptable across the entire world. Today it is available in 10 languages ​​that can easily be translated into further languages. It is for the most part already included in the price.

Quality assurance

The fact that everything is searchable resulting in an image file makes the quality control easy to perform. Linking Smartinfo to your system ensures that everything is properly indexed into the registry, workflow system and the e-archive.

Privacy protection

Our development is based on a strict access and rights control and with high security regarding privacy. All our systems can be access protected and everything that happens in the system is logged in relation to whom, what and when something has been done.

Specialist support

We have internal competence within systems for:

  • Registry
  • Workflow
  • E-archive
  • Document Management
  • Process Mapping