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SmartInfo’s services simplify and streamline

Our goal is to simplify and streamline document and task management for our clients. Our services start when the task arrives in the organization and ends when the task is processed and documented in our e-archive. With very few exceptions the modern company is today forced to handle tasks coming from multiple sources such as documents, e-mails, online forms and phone calls. Our objective is for our customers to be able to handle the tasks in one single task management system.

To fully grasp how we can solve your issues and streamline your operation, we recommend that you get in touch with us to book a meeting where we can present our full range of services as well as learn more about your needs. In the meantime you can read more about our services below.

With our SmartScan service, scanned documents will be encrypted and transferred to the digital archive. Every page that is scanned gets a unique ID, which enables you to find original documents without even having to sort them first. The image file and the document-id are saved collectively so that you can be in compliance with regulations regarding records management, including the Swedish Archives act, even when working with the document digitally.

With SmartScan the files can be placed in archive boxes for final archiving without the need of sorting them first since our system will keep track of where they are archived. The files are interpreted, registered and archive listed automatically. You will get a full archive listing for every box.

If you work with Smartinfo you will get a solution that has been proven and used over ten years. You are likely to see improvements of up to 80% or more when it comes to the speed of archiving, which leads to significant cost savings. Implementing SmartScan is done quickly and requires very little resources when it comes to the IT department.

With our SmartMailRoom solution all incoming mail will be scanned when it arrives. If fully executed you will forward your mail directly to us and we will scan it for you. You will receive the documents in digital format to your workflow or CRM. If you work with our workflow, SmartFlow, you will also get all the digital documents stored in our E-archive, SmartArchive.

SmartMailRoom enables you to work with all tasks digitally. We will work with you to pre-classify your documents so that they are metadata tagged according to your preferences. All documents that are not pre-classified will be delivered as “other” and classified on your end.


  • All documents are scanned on arrival
  • The files can be placed in archive boxes for final archiving without the need to be sorted
  • The files are interpreted, registered and archive listed automatically
  • You will get OCR reading on all documents that are not pre-classified
  • You will get a full archive listing for every file
  • You can work with every document directly in your workflow or CRM.
  • You will gain full control over task status – no documents forgotten on top of a desk.

If you choose to use SmartFlow you can add e-mails, web service documents and log phone calls to cover all tasks in one workflow system

Searching for information stored on paper in folders and cabinets is a typical everyday task for a lot of companies. It takes a lot of time and can become costly, especially if the information has vanished or has been destroyed. With our e-archive, SmartArchive, you will eliminate time waste and risks while at the same time making employees and customers happier.

SmartArchive can store all sorts of digital information in a secure manner and there is no limit to the amount of documents that can be stored or the type of documents can be scanned . We have solutions to every issue you might face.

Some organizations allow us to run all of their digitizing while others prefer that we install a scanner so that they can run the whole process themselves. Whatever path you chose, we will create a more automatic archiving, which simplifies the process, ensure that nothing is lost and improves the speed to access the information.

Some of the benefits with SmartArchive are:

  • You can find the information in question in a matter of seconds instead of hours.
  • It is available anywhere at any time
  • It follows bank standards when it comes to security classification
  • It runs access authorization – the correct information for the correct person
  • It gives you the ability to track the original document to a digital archive copy.
  • IT is easy use – training in this system does not take much more than 15 minutes

Many organizations are having issues keeping their documents in order while at the same time presenting simple and adaptable solutions for collaboration between employees.

In recent years cloud-based solutions have grown more and more popular, but in a lot of cases they offer neither the flexibility nor direction that the organization wish to achieve or they are very slow to work with.

Our standalone cloud-based information system, SmartManager, helps create order in all types of digital documents while it is also easy to work with, flexible, secure and easy to implement.

SmartManager offers multiple solutions for working more quickly and more effectively with daily tasks:

The person in charge of information management can set the structure and lock it so that everyone follows the same structure, making the task of finding documents easier for everyone.

With SmartManager you can control who gets right to read the information and who gets the rights to change or delete documents. You can drag and drop documents straight into the system. Documents can be marked as favorites for easy access. You can use notification management linked to the documents

SmartManager also offers version control with revision history so that it is possible to return to the original document after editing. It is cloud based and offers availability where there is access to the Internet.

Task management is generally started by an incoming document, e-mail, phone call or a completed web form on your intranet or website. All the information available aids your employees in making the right decisions in the right order. To include all information and automatically provide documents
related to the task speeds up the process and improves customer experience.

Our SmartFlow solution is a completely digital workflow system where tasks can be generated from scanned documents, e-mails, web forms and e-signed documents. New tasks can also be added directly to the system, e.g tasks that arrive from a phone call or tasks that are moved from a personal e-mail box. SmartFlow possesses all the functionality to follow a task from start to finish.

It is a very competent workflow system that among other things provide:

  • A complete text search function makes it easy to locate all documents related to a task, person or an organization.
  • Color-coding of tasks in progress is available for full overview of the status of the task. Access control to all information is provided so that the respective groups can only view and access files that relate to them
  • Automatic matching of incoming documents for open tasks where information is missing for completion
  • A mail out function with automatic matching of the reply

As a cloud based system it also offers availability wherever there is Internet access.

Managing contracts is demanding when it comes to resources and costs. For instance the opportunity to renegotiate contracts before they automatically renew is often overlooked.

SmartContract is a contracts management system that offers full control for all of the organization’s contracts and where the contract’s administrator is reminded when a contract is close to expiring, thereby getting the opportunity to renegotiate or cancel.

Customer agreements, framework agreements, supplier agreements, employment contracts or partnership agreements can be kept restricted for different types of users. The access level of a specific type of contract is centrally adjusted. Individual employees can, depending on rights, get quick and easy access to the contracts and work with the information according to their needs. Some of the benefits of working with SmartContract are:

  • It can handle most types of contracts: HR, Suppliers, and Customers, etc.
  • When the contract is scanned and entered into the system it becomes searchable
  • Automated reminders when the expiration date approaches
  • Access and rights control for individual employees
  • Possibility to categorize and define the contracts in accordance to the organization’s needs
  • It can communicate with your outlook calendar
  • Global access to system wherever internet access is available.