Our SmartMailRoom service is aimed at customers who wants to avoid the physical handling of mail in the office and customers who need help getting more efficient and automated structured information that comes via letters.

The SmartMailRoom service basically means that the customer changes their postal address to us and we scan and deliver it digitally (PDF/TIF). Depending on the customer’s needs, SmartMailRoom can be configured in different ways. Primarily, it is about the type of post they receive.

When it comes to unstructured post, it is mainly about taking care of the physical handling of the letters. This involves receiving, opening, sorting, preparing and scanning the letters which are then delivered digitally according to the customer’s wishes, via:

  • Email to agreed addresses
  • SFTP if the customer does not want the information to be sent via e-mail
  • SmartFlow, our case management system where the customer can pick up the respective documents as a separate case (read more about SmartFlow)

When it comes to more structured information such as forms, we can, best case, provide a fully automated process where we capture, classify and automate incoming information which is then delivered directly into the business system. Normally, our delivery is to an SFTP where the customer retrieves the information and imports it into their business system to avoid integration within the firewall.

Whether it is structured or unstructured information, we can handle the physical archiving of the documents in archive boxes, where each digital document is tagged with a digital ID that points to which box, which bundle and where the physical document can be found. Since the documents are archived unstructured, they do not need to be deleted under GDPR, even if they contain personal data, when the digital pointer to the physical document is deleted.

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